Fitness Couple

Was a great shoot last night with Dave and Brittany at SMASH fitness here in Calgary. I have worked with Dave a few times before and this time he wanted to do a couples fitness shoot with his wife.

Dave is a MMA fighter and his wife competed as a Bikini fitness model so this shoot was a lot of fun. Both of them are in amazing shape and had a ton of ideas on what they wanted to do with the session. The shots turned out amazing and we got the darker look we were looking for.

I love shooting at SMASH here in Calgary. It’s not a gym with all the fancy equipment, It’s an old school hardcore kick your ass and make you puke gym and it works very well for the people that go there. The owner of the gym is Zachary Chalmers and the gym is located in SW Calgary. If your looking for a spot to do strength and conditioning hit him up and see what he has to offer.

Hope you enjoy the shots!