Calgary Engagement Session with Jayme and Matt

Yesterday i had the honour to shooting an Engagement session with Jayme and Matt. I have worked with Matt before as he a professional MMA fighter and boxer. I have covered a good many of his fights as well as did a few promo shoots for him.

Matt and Jayme got Engaged on New Years Eve and i had seen Matt at an event not long after and we started talking about doing their session. In January it’s not the best time for pictures outside living in Calgary. One day it can be +10 and the next it can be a snow storm and -40 so we talked about doing it in the spring once it warmed up.

Yesterday it was +15 here sun was out in full force and it was awesome to be out shooting.  They picked Inglewood Bird Sanctuary for the location of the session and it was amazing.  Old buildings to shoot by, Bridges, ponds, trees and a walk along the Bow river and wildlife what more could you want as a photographer.

We spent about 2 hours walking around the park chatting and picking spots to shoot at watching the birds fly around and came to a nice spot with a beautiful tree that we wanted to shoot with. As we were setting up my wife said hey there is a Deer right beside you. As we turned around to look we were standing about 6 feet away from 4 deer laying down in the grass.

We got a couple of shots with the deer that stayed around and then went about our shooting and he just laid there enjoying the sun and watching us.

It was a great day spent with some great people.